GreenGage Plums

The famous Greengage Plums, the queen of plums, well known for its flavour and fragrant aroma and for it’s sweet taste and juicy texture, is the fruit used on this unique product. Grown for centuries in Elvas, in the Alentejo region, in the south of Portugal, these plums are farmed in an environmentally sound way, avoiding pesticides and other agrochemicals.

The art of confisage was developed in the monasteries as a delicate and subtle art, during which no chemicals, preservatives or additives are used. To get this rare and refined product, only fresh greengage plums and sugar are used as ingredients. The confisage process is developed by replacing the fruit water with sugar using a very slow process.

Tasting suggestions: As a very special dessert served with cake. It also provides a unique paring experience served with sheep’s milk cheeses, such as Nisa DOP or Mestiço Tolosa IGP, provides an acidity that echoes the fruit’s sweet. It also goes well with Blue Cheeses, such as Stilton or Gorgonzola

Available sizes: Ameixas D’Elvas DOP Preserved available in syrup in 300g or 500g glass jar and 2,5Kg or 5,5Kg in can or drained in 200g or 5Kg in card box, or 320g in wooden box