Quince Paste

DaMorgada Quince paste is made according to ancient recipes. Honey was used initially and only later in the 1800s, was replaced by sugar cane, by the nuns at the Odivelas monastery. The sugar cane was bought by Portuguese from archipelago of Madeira and Brazil through the route of sugar.

Portuguese quince, also known as the fruit of love is hard, acidic and astringent. The wonderfully fragrant when raw, develops a delicious, delicate flavor and attractive amber color after cooked with sugar. Two single ingredients create a fascinate texture, yummy, firm and infinitely preserved paste. When sealed, this marmelada, will last for months in the refrigerator. Tasting notes: Sweet with a delightfully delicate floral taste, amber color and yummy texture. The slice has a dense, jelly-like consistency. It holds its shape very well, but it's also easy to spread.

Tasting suggestions: Pair a slice of the beautiful marmelada with robustly flavored cheeses like Portuguese Bica, Nisa DOP, Dom Villas, Açoreano, Bica, Graciosa, Açorilhas, Pico DOP or Casa Mendevil. Amazing with aged and firm ewe cheeses, such as Évora DOP, Serpa Velho (Aged), Casa Mendevil Velho (Aged) or Terrincho Velho DOP (Aged). Also perfect with bread and creamy cheeses, making an elegant hors d'oeuvre to serve with wine.

Available sizes: 250g, 500g and 2 Kg in wooden tray