Azeitão DOP – Casa Lusa

This creamy cheese is made from sheep's milk in the town of Azeitão, located just about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of the capital Lisbon. It’s a creamy ripened cheese from buttery white or pale yellow, with little or no eyes and is obtained by the slow draining the curd after coagulation of raw sheep's milk and its own, by the action of an infusion of thistle (Cynara cardunculus L.). Keeps the traditional manufacturing and reveals characteristics attributable to milk and, therefore, the traditional way of sheep husbandry. The cheese is cured for minimum period of 20 days and then wrapped in vegetal paper for commercialization, an average 100g or 250g. The result is a thick, smooth, and creamy cheese with a strong, earthy aroma with hints of flowers or sweet herbs. A very delicate taste with a sweet slightly acid flavour. When left at room temperature, the cheese becomes almost melty. Try slicing off the top and scooping the soft cheese out with a spoon.

MILK TYPE Raw sheep’s milk
Rennet Vegetable - Thistle rennet
Region Serra da Arrábida – South of Lisbon
Consistency Creamy
Rind Washed, thin, pale straw color
Aging > 20 days
Flavour Sweet slightly acid, a very delicate taste
Weight (average)