Amanteigado – Casa Lusa

Amanteigado Casa Lusa is made with raw sheep’s milk and vegetarian rennet, Cynara cardunculus, produced in lower Alentejo in south of Portugal. The minimum period of maturation process is 28 day and the rind is washed, thin with a straw color and unctuous. As the name “Amanteigado” suggests is a creamy cheese, very often eaten with a spoon This ripened cheese weights around 300g and has a sweet, slightly acid-barnyard flavour.

MILK TYPE Raw sheep’s milk
Rennet Vegetable - Thistle rennet
Region Alentejo – Centre interior of Portugal
Consistency Creamy
Rind Washed, thin, pale straw color
Aging > 28 days
Flavour Sweet slightly acid, a very delicate taste
Weight (average)