From the southern of Portugal, from the same region of Serpa DOP cheese in lower Alentejo region with unique climate, soil and pasture. Cuco is made from raw sheep’s milk coagulated by the addition of thistle flower extract (Cynara cardunculus). As part of this cheese's production process, it's wrapped in cloth to mature in cellars during the cured process for a minimum of 30 days. The consistency is soft and the rind is light to straw yellow color, with possible tiny holes. Has a unique mix of spicy and slightly acidic, weights around 150g or 500g.

MILK TYPE Raw sheep’s milk
Rennet Vegetable - Thistle rennet
Region Alentejo – Southeast of Portugal
Consistency Creamy
Rind Light to straw yellow color
Aging > 30 days
Flavour Strong, spicy and slightly sweet-tart flavour
Weight (average)

250g / 800g