Casa de Mendevil

Mendevil cheese is produced in Minho, in the northeast region of Portugal. Is a very lovely Portuguese pasteurized cows' milk cheese, coagulated with animal rennet and has a linen band wrapped around its square shape. There's no discernible rind on this cheese, and the texture is soft to semi-hard. The maturation period is no less then 60 days. It's got a melting mouthfeel and quite a bit of fruitiness, but there's also such an intense grassy-musty flavor. The aged version with more than 90 days of curing process has a red colored crust result of sweet red pepper emulsion.

MILK TYPE Pasteurized cow’s milk
Rennet Animal rennet
Region Minho - Northwest of Portugal
Consistency Soft
Rind Washed
Aging > 60 days
Flavour Melting mouthfeel and quite a bit of fruitiness
Weight (average)

1,1 Kg