Açoreano is a semi-hard artisan unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese, from the Flores Island in Azores archipelago. Flores, means Flowers, takes is names due to a great profusion of wild flowers and small size botanical species, many of which are indigenous and part of the original flora. Pastures, farms and vineyards complete the make-up the 143 km2 (55 square miles) of landscape of Flores Island. This pressed cheese is coagulated with animal rennet and cure for a minimum period of 90 days. Consisting of a smooth texture, comes in cylinders format, weighing 9 kg, and has a strong aroma, due to the particular conditions of the archipelago. A clean bouquet with a slightly spicy with a straw yellow colored rind usually coated with paraffin wax.

MILK TYPE Raw cow’s milk
Rennet Microbial rennet
Region Flores Island – Azores archipelago
Consistency Semi-hard
Rind Pale straw-yellow color
Aging > 90 days
Flavour clean bouquet with a slightly spicy
Weight (average)

9 Kg