S. Miguel

The deep volcanic sails and mild maritime climate of Sao Miguel, in Azores archipelago, proved ideal for dairy farming. Today hundreds of small farms still produce cow’s milk throughout the year, delivering it daily to local co-operatives for cheese making. Imagine the color and taste of fresh sweet milk with a smooth, luxurious texture, this artisan cheese is made with 100% cow's milk and is matured for more than 9 months, it’s hard slightly crumbly texture has a sweet piquant finish. The rind is covered with black paraffin. The honey color and incredibly creamy texture of this lovely hard cow's milk cheese, leads to a savory, sophisticated flavor with a hint of sourness and piquant when dry.

MILK TYPE Pasteurized cow’s milk
Rennet Animal rennet
Region S. Miguel Island – Azores archipelago
Consistency Hard
Rind Pressed with a crumbly texture and covered with a black paraffin
Aging > 9 months
Flavour clean bouquet with a sweet piquant finish
Weight (average)

9 Kg