Amarelo da Beira Baixa DOP

Raw sheep and goat´s milk cheese from Portugal's Beira Baixa region, called Amarelo due to the milk’s colour from the mix of the two milks types. Made with animal rennet and aged between 45 to 90 days, Amarelo has a yellowish paste, small irregular holes and a soft texture. Amarelo Beira Baixa DOP has a distinctive and intense aroma and a forceful, buttery, light and silky flavor. Along with its piquancy, the cheese parts with a pleasant sensation.

MILK TYPE Raw sheep and goat’s milk
Rennet Animal rennet
Region Beira Baixa – Centre interior of Portugal
Consistency Soft
Rind Washed, light yellow color
Aging > 45 days
Flavour Strong pleasant flavour, clean silky taste
Weight (average)