Amanteigado Seia

This buttery sheep's cheese is a favorite by Portuguese consumers, being a product quite characteristic in mountainous areas, near Serra da Estrela mountains, were are located most of the herds and the producers of this type of cheese. The cheeses are handmade, no additives, having only as ingredients the sheep’s milk, salt and thistle rennet. The cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) is a natural curdling agent of vegetable origin, which gives the cheese its unique flavor very ‘sui generis’. The selection of the best raw materials and manufacturing processes are combined in order to obtain a pure cheese texture and unique flavor, with taste smooth, herbaceous and lightly acidulous.

MILK TYPE Raw sheep’s milk
Rennet Vegetable - Thistle rennet
Region Serra da Estrela Mountains – Centre north of Portugal
Consistency Creamy
Rind Washed, thin, pale straw colour and unctuous
Aging > 35 days
Flavour Clean, perfumed bouquet with a sweet, herbaceous finish and lightly acidulous
Weight (average)

250g / 500g / 1 Kg