Black Pork

The Alentejano Black Pork is indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula. The animal is dark in colour, ranging from black to grey, with little or no hair and a lean body. Every fall, farmers bring them to the Montado, where they live freely, constantly moving and burning more calories than other species of pigs. They feed on acorns, grass and roots, along with natural grains, fresh herbs and aromatic plants in order to achieve their ideal weight of 150Kg. This legendary and select species of pig has many qualities, including a great capacity to accumulate fat under its skin and between the muscular fibres. This fat is what produces the typical white streaks that make the meat so special.

The authentic flavour and aromas of our Charcuterie Selection are the result of this Alentejo’s Black Pork and a slow curing process done by artisans repeated year after year using the recipes of their ancestors.

The sausages are produced only with natural pig’s tripe in order to better preserve the flavour and they seasoned using some of the most traditional Portuguese spices. The curing process takes place naturally with air circulation and a smokeless environment.

Smoked Cured Ham

Our Smoked Black Pork Ham, with a unique, exquisite flavour, is obtained from animals fattening around 60% of its original weight feeding on acorns and grazing. The maturation process is never less than 36 months. The smoked Black Pork Ham with 20 and 24 months of cure is also available.

Smoked Loin Sausage

Traditionally made from Black Pork Loin seasoned with spices and pepper with a natural maturation process of 120 days. It should be tasted in thin slices.


Produced from a selected meat of Black Pork properly seasoned with black pepper grain, wine, salt and spices. After the maturation process of 60 days it features a white marble appearance. It should be eaten in very fine slices.

Smoked Little Loin Sausage

Made from the tusk of Black Pork, a whole marbled and very little fat piece. After seasoning with spices and pepper it’s hanged up, starting the natural cure process of 120 days. It can be tasted in thin slices.


After selections, the select meat is chopped into cubes and seasoned with garden peppers, paprika, garlic, salt and spices. It should be eaten, after the maturation process of between 60 to 90 days, in thin slices.

Paio Extra

The select meat is diced and mixed with the animal fat and seasoning with paprika, garden peppers spices, garlic and salt. After the maturation process of 60 days, it should be tasted in very fine slices.


Produced with a select meat of Black Pork, mixed with the own animal fat and seasoned with paprika, garden peppers, spices, garlic and salt. The natural process of maturation is between 15 to 20 days in a horseshoe-shape. It can be eaten cured, boiled or roasted.

Smoked Blood Sausage

Drawn from the most bloody meat trimmings, animal’s fat and blood. After seasoning with garden pepper, wine, vinegar, salt and spices, It should be eaten boiled, fried or roasted.

Linguiça Fina

Produced with a select meat of Black Pork, mixed with the own animal fat and seasoned with paprika, garden peppers, spices, garlic and salt, is naturally cured in a horseshoe-shape Very similar with Chouriço, but thinner and longer, suitable for roasting, but can be also baked.