Quince Jelly

Quince is a yellow-skinned fruit that looks like a cross between an apple and a pear. The hard, yellowish-white flesh is quite dry and has an astringent, tart flavor. Its texture and flavor make it unbelievably tasty when cooked with sugar, and because of its high pectin content it's particularly popular for use in jellies.

DaMorgada delicately flavored jelly is made using aromatic ripe quince and is prepared with a traditional recipe from Odivelas Monastery, dating to the1800s. The result is an amber, delicate flavored, delicious and fragrant jelly.. Tasting notes: Very fine, aromatic, creamy and with a delicate amber color.

Tasting suggestions: Quince jelly is great on hot crumpets and toast and it can be used to make really tasty puddings. Also, is most well known as an accompaniment for pork or ham. Pair with Serpa Velho DOP or Terrincho Velho DOP (Aged)cheese in an outstanding dessert.

Available sizes: 250g glass jar