Pico DOP

Traditionally made exclusively from raw cow’s milk of the grass-fed cows on the island of Pico, in Azores Archipelago. Known by the highest mountain in Portugal, Ponta do Pico and its black volcanic earth, responsible for its UNESCO-designated historical vineyards. Featuring Cheese Pico DOP, locally called São João do Pico, is an artisanal cheese produced in dairies family with raw cow's milk, animal rennet and salt. Its appearance is characterized by a cylindrical bottom (plate-like), rounded shape, regular lateral bulging of the faces. Has about 16 to 17 cm in diameter, 650/800 g in weight, yellow rind and 2 to 3 cm high. The cure lasts on average 28 days. His folder is uneven texture, with some eyes, slightly oily and very compact, consistency is soft and pasty, yellowish-white. The flavor of Pico DOP is very distinct but very smooth and palatable with a slightly salty and pleasantly sour taste.

MILK TYPE Raw cow’s milk
Rennet Animal rennet
Region Pico Island – Azores archipelago
Consistency Soft
Rind Washed and yellowish-white color
Aging > 28 days
Flavour Very smooth and slightly salty
Weight (average)