Mistura da Beira Baixa

From the Beira Baixa region, the same of Castelo Branco DOP cheese, Mistura Beira Baixa cheese has a soft paste, greasy, with small irregular eyes and a white or light yellowish color. This ripened cheese is obtain from draining of curdle after pure raw sheep, goat and cow’s milk coagulation through the action of animal rennet. The cheese is washed and dried periodically during maturation, reaching a minimum of 40 days and weighs about 800 to 1000g.

MILK TYPE Raw cow, sheep and goat’s milk
Rennet Animal rennet
Region Beira Baixa – Centre interior of Portugal
Consistency Soft
Rind Washed and white or light yellow color
Aging > 40 days
Flavour Mild flavour
Weight (average)