Honey Drop Figs

Honey Drop Figs The honey drop figs are a speciality for anyone who loves great confections. Named Honey Drop Figs, because when ripe they drip sugar; similar to a honey drop. These figs are late harvest, increasing their natural sweetness, then processed handmade and preserved as a drained product or in sugar cane syrup: following artisanal recipes.

The flavour opens up after tasting with a dominating note of caramelized honey which lingers.

Tasting suggestions: Pair young creamy cheese, such as Brie or goat chesses like Cabra Transmontano DOP or Raiano with Honey Drop Figs. It also goes well with Blue Cheeses, as Stilton. The sweetness of the fruit, peers well in the flavour of the cheese.

Available sizes: - Honey Drop Figs Preserved Drained: 320g wooden box - Honey Drop Figs Preserved in Syrup: 475g or 700g glass jar.